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JMV Technology, is a group created from the need to divide all services provided until then solely by sitehosting Technology, from now, sitehosting Technology, NoChalks, DRNimagens, JD Monitor, Framesites, DiviFacil are all products managed by JMV Technology.

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Founded in 2000 and precursor of what is now the JMV Group Technology, gradually will be used only to indicative its name, hosting, email marketing and hosting services in general.

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Platform for Web Design, responsive and, in a few clicks you can create a website with updated design using special themes for churches, Radios, webradios and Hotsite Event.

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Launched in 2012, The Platform for courses and Online Training, as well as hundreds of features, also has native applications for iOS, Android and Smart TVs is considered the safest on the market!

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Initially designed for holding footage and panoramic photos made by latest Drones, now with own studio and the latest equipment for the transmission and recording events Live over the Internet.

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Complete monitoring system, tracking and blocking any type of motor vehicle, from heavy machinery works to motorcycles, created with the latest technology, and high availability, stands out in the market for the accuracy of their devices, and use networks with 4 Operators cover, making the largest national coverage, also Acting in several Latin American countries.

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