Who We Are

We are a powerhouse in video transmission, retransmission, recording, and hosting infrastructure. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that allow our clients to connect, grow, and thrive in the digital landscape.

We have already served more than 8,000 clients over the years. More than 100,000,000 monthly views, more than 1 Petabyte of data traffic in our CDN every month in 5 different datacenters in Brazil, USA, Canada and France.

Our mission

Our mission is simple yet powerful – our clients’ success is our success. We are committed to providing the resources, tools, and support our clients need to reach their goals. Their success is the metric by which we measure ours.

Our Vision

Our vision is driven by audacious ambition – we aim to make a global footprint. We aspire for our brand to be recognized in every corner of the world, bringing our advanced video solutions to businesses across all continents. We are determined not just to partake, but to shape the future of the video technology sector. Thus, our sight is set on “dominating the world”, ensuring our products and services are known and trusted globally.

Our Values

  • Transparency is the cornerstone of our values. We believe in being open and honest in all our interactions, whether with our employees, clients, or partners. This transparency drives trust, strengthens relationships, and is key to our mutual success.

Meet our team