1 – Privacy Policy

JMV Technology Eirelli EPP, a legal entity governed by private law, founded in 2003, registered under the CNPJ under nº 05.487.918/0001-20, having its headquarters at Rua Gesse Silva Ferreira, 60, Planalto, Divinópolis, Minas Gerais, CEP 35.501-811, duly represented by its managing partner, has the priority to deliver a safe service. When you use our services, you are entrusting us with your information. We understand that this is a big responsibility and we work hard to protect this information, we develop our software in a way that prioritizes your privacy. To access our websites and use our Services, you must read and agree to this policy, available at the following link, https://jmvtechnology.com/en/privacy.

Our terms of use for the services used, available at: https://jmvtechnology.com/en/terms also apply.

If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not continue to access our Sites or Service.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately after their publication on the website. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately after their publicChanges and clarifications will take effect immediately after their publication on the website.action on the website.

1.1 – We use third-party services such as google, yahoo, bing, uol, and others to display JMV TECHNOLOGY EIRELLI EPP advertising and collect user data on various internet sites, informs that these third parties use cookies and other devices to identify and serve advertisements based on previous visits by users to our website.

1.2 – When accessing the JMV TECHNOLOGY EIRELLI EPP websites, or any of our Platforms, we collect generic and personal data through your voluntary interactions with the system, such as filling out registrations.

1.3 – The data collected will be used by JMV TECHNOLOGY EIRELLI EPP to improve and expand our services in marketing actions, but we do not disclose or sell this information without your authorization.

1.3.1 If you wish to disable this type of advertising, simply go to your browser settings and disable cookies from the partner sites mentioned above.

1.4 – You give us your consent to share your data with partners of the technologies we use on our Service.

1.5 – JMV Technology eirelli EPP will not disclose or reveal your data to third parties in a way not provided for in this Policy, unless such disclosure is required by law or court order. In this case, we will let you know about it.

1.6 – The user agrees and authorizes us to process, store and use your information in accordance with this policy and our terms of use as of August 2020 the LGPD

1.7 – The user grants us authorization to store and process their data in Brazil, Canada and the United States of America.

1.8 – Your Personal Data will be stored by JMV TECHNOLOGY EIRELLI EPP, in accordance with the law, for the time:

a) necessary to fulfill the purposes related to these Terms;

b) necessary to comply with the law, including for tax and accounting purposes;

c) as necessary, according to the purpose of its use;

1.8 – Personal data will be permanently deleted in accordance with applicable law.

1.9 – We remind you that no internet system is 100% secure, however, we take all possible measures to avoid exposing your information on the internet and inform you that we work day by day to improve our platforms.

1.10 – To protect your data we use security practices such as: protocols and encryption software in data transmission; physical, electronic and procedural measures with respect to the collection, storage and disclosure of personal data.

1.11 – The user agrees that we may communicate for the following purposes: privacy issues, matters related to the use of our services.

1.11.1. We may send you news and marketing information about our Services. We may send you news This Privacy Policy applies to the entire communication process between JMV TECHNOLOGY EIRELLI EPP and its users and marketing information about our Services.

1.12 – Any questions about our privacy policy can be sent to the email: [email protected]

1.13 – The information provided to our customers involves the management of generic and personal information. JMV TECHNOLOGY EIRELLI EPP does not control the information requested by them, even if it is done through its platforms.

13.1 JMV TECHNOLOGY EIRELLI EPP customers are responsible for the collection, control and processing of their data. They use, disclose and protect this data in accordance with their own privacy policies. They are also responsible for the entire relationship and for the courses, audios, recorded or live videos, news, emails, notifications and any information they offer to their users.

1.13.2 We strongly recommend that you review the privacy policy and terms of use for the services they offer before registering.

1.14 – If we are a party to a merger, acquisition or other corporate restructuring (or similar activity), we may transfer the information we collect to another company that is part of that activity. Likewise, if we are a party to bankruptcy proceedings, the information we collect about you may be transferred to an acquiring or merged entity.

1.15 – Local storage objects, clear GIFs, tracking pixels and pixel tags and other technologies. We may use Local Storage Objects (‘LSOs’) to store your preferences on the website and to personalize your visit to our website. LSOs are different from browser cookies due to the amount and type of data stored. You cannot normally control, delete or disable acceptance of LSOs through your web browser. Likewise, clear GIFs are small graphics with a unique identifier, similar in functionality to cookies. Unlike cookies, which are stored on your computer’s hard drive, clear GIFs are embedded invisibly on web pages. We may use clear GIFs (also known as web beacons, web bugs or pixel tags) in connection with our Site to, among other things, track the activities of site visitors, help us manage content and compile statistics about the use of the Site. We and our third-party service providers also use clear GIFs in HTML emails to our customers to help us track email response rates, identify when our emails are viewed, and track whether our emails and WhatsApp messages are forwarded.

1.16 – We may combine information collected from cookies and other tracking mechanisms with other personal information we collect from you in order to provide you with a more personalized service. If you do not agree with this user profile, you may choose not to contact us at [email protected]. In this case, we will send your computer an opt-out cookie that needs to be stored permanently. If you delete this cookie, please install it again the next time you visit our website.

2 – Information collected and authorizations for live social tool.

2.1 The Live social tool allows you to simultaneously transmit the rtmp link live to various social networks, including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and any other platform that allows any RTMP input, whether authenticated or not.

2.2 When you authorize our apps to connect to your account through your google or facebook account, we will collect your name, email address, preferred language, profile picture, id and token and we will control the creation and sending of live or recorded videos to your youtube channel or facebook account, due to the integration with the apis of our platform.

2.3 This access data is encrypted and temporarily stored in our database, the token is valid for a specific time and may vary according to the period established by the privacy policy of YouTube, Facebook, or the platform to which you are uploading. RTMP live link or recorded video.

3 – Anti-spam policy

“Policy” for the purposes of the present must be understood to be a series of measures for the attainment of an end.

The purpose intended by the companies of the JMV Technology Eirelli EPP group is to combat the practice of SPAM, as stated in the “ANTI-SPAM COMMITMENT” and the measures adopted are divided into:

a) INFORMATIONAL OR EDUCATIONAL: aimed at clarifying not only JMV Technology Eirelli EPP customers, but also the general public WHAT SPAM IS and ways to minimize accusations of SPAM practice. These clarifications are contained in this policy statement and are complemented by “tips available on the JMV Technology Eirelli EPP websites and channels;

b) TECHNOLOGICAL: consisting of the technical instruments made available to JMV Technology Eirelli EPP customers not only to avoid receiving SPAM (such as filters, hidden nickname; list of blocked emails, confirmation of origin, etc. ) but also to avoid being accused of SPAM (active registration confirmation), and;

c) REPRESSIONS: consist of contractual provisions that authorize JMV Technology Eirelli EPP to summarily remove from the air the websites of clients that violate the ANTI-SPAM COMMITMENT assumed when contracting JMV Technology Eirelli EPP services.

4 – Anti-spam commitment of JMV TECHNOLOGY EIRELLI EPP and its customers

All JMV TECHNOLOGY EIRELLI EPP websites are in sync with the best practices of the Internet and the most influential non-governmental bodies on the Internet, and following the appeal of its users, publicly manifests its anti-SPAM commitment. For it, JMV Technology Eirelli EPP undertakes to make it difficult, by all means at its disposal, to practice SPAM and to disclose the rejection of this practice, as well as the purpose of preventing its customers from executing it.

On the other hand, everyone who becomes a customer of JMV Technology Eirelli EPP accepts, fully and without restrictions, automatically, by the simple act of contracting any service provided by JMV Technology Eirelli EPP, the commitment not to practice SPAM IN ANY OF ITS MODALITIES. OR MANIFESTATIONS.

Therefore, all customers of JMV Technology Eirelli EPP undertake to follow the rule of repudiation of SPAM, being responsible for complying with the rule of not practicing SPAM under any circumstances and under any pretext.


JMV Technology Eirelli EPP customers are prohibited from receiving more than 10% (ten percent) of bounced emails, unless another limit has been expressly established in the contract signed with the customer, in which case the contractually established limit will prevail.

‘Bounced email’ is understood to mean any type of error that compromises the delivery of the message to its recipient.

One of the most common errors is no destination mailbox.

In this way, if JMV Technology Eirelli EPP’s customer receives a percentage of e-mails higher than the 10% specified above, JMV Technology Eirelli EPP will assume that the customer is practicing SPAM.

The email for complaints of SPAM that may have been practiced by a client of JMV Technology Eirelli EPP is [email protected]


5 – Basic information on the characterization of the spam practice

What is SPAM

In an objective way, SPAM, for the purposes of this commitment, can be defined as the sending of emails and/or any other type of electronic message that motivates a complaint from any recipient of the same and/or any organization and/or individual with functions to combat and repress the practice of SPAM.

SPAM is not a viable advertising medium. Although it is very tempting to use it as an advertising medium, it is forcing the entire Internet to change the regulations on the use of the e-mail system and increasing its restrictions and punishments against companies that practice SPAM.

It is also important to always denounce SPAM, which is a negative practice for the internet and only through denouncements can we fight it.

6 – Why SPAM is a problem

The Internet is currently an extremely dynamic, complex and information-filled environment. E-mail is one of the components of the Internet, and nowadays it is one of the main means of communication within it.

However, this means of communication has been increasingly degraded by the high number of emails, not only advertisements but also jokes or any other type of email sent indiscriminately, without being asked by the recipient. This is SPAM. This is SPAM. This degradation translates into high use of space for storing messages, overload of servers that manage and transmit e-mails, overload of communication networks, etc.

In addition, more and more unsolicited e-mails are ignored by recipients who even start to repudiate the companies that send them. Thus, even commercially SPAM is becoming something that is highly not recommended.

7 – Complementary sources of information

SpamCop – Spam Reporting and Filtering Software – http://spamcop.net

Spam.Abuse.net – ‘Fight Spam on the Internet!’ information center – http://spam.abuse.net

ScamBusters.org – Stop Spam! – http://www.scambusters.org/stopspam/index.html

Spambot Beware – Glossary of Spam Related Terms – http://www.turnstep.com/Spambot/glossary.html

Comitê Gestor da Internet no Brasil (CGI.br) – http://antispam.br

8 – Basic instructions that to minimize accusations of spamming practice


Do not send “newsletters” on the assumption that recipients would like to receive them.

Don’t send “newsletters” on the assumption that recipients would like to Don’t have a “register your email” field on your website without faithfully following the “Active Confirmation” described in this document.

Don’t buy email lists. This is illegal at the very least, and will certainly generate complaints about your site being sent SPAM.

Do not believe if some seller guarantees that their email list is approved by recipients to receive messages. That’s a lie.

If a visitor to your site registers as your customer, it doesn’t mean that he has accepted to receive advertising from you. He must explicitly ask to receive your advertising emails.

If you have a program that records all the email addresses of people who submit questions to your site and uses that list to send emails, you will certainly be accused of SPAM.

There is no Brazilian legislation on the subject, so there is no argument that the emails sent cannot be considered SPAM due to some congress or legislation, both national and foreign.
Always consult the websites linked to JMV Technology Eirelli EPP for any updates on the matter.

9 – Active confirmation of registration

The ideal way to make a registration of any type to validate the receipt of emails is through a process called here ‘Active confirmation of registration’. It is based on forcing an explicit request for a visitor to include themselves in your registration and therefore ensuring that you have their consent to receive future communications. This technique is particularly useful in those cases where you want to build up your email register without running the risk of being accused of SPAMMER for having accepted an address without the effective authorization of the owner of the address. This happens a lot when there is a ‘Refer a friend’ field on your site, which causes many ‘Friends’ to be referred without them knowing, and therefore they will consider any communication you make to them as SPAM.

10 – How to implement active confirmation:

10 – How to implement active confirmation: If you have a field like ‘Refer a friend’ and an email address is registered to receive communications, DO NOT enter it in your registration yet; If there is a customer registration form, make sure there is a very clear “checkbox”, saying that the customer agrees to receive information, advertisements, etc. from the site;

Send an email immediately to the registered address with a very clear and objective text, WITHOUT ADVERTISING, only with the information that someone has indicated this email address to continue receiving communications from your website, and if he really wants to receive such communications must respond to the email with some pre-defined text;

Only if you receive such a response, and it is affirmative, enter the e-mail address in your registration;

Keep the confirmation email as it will be your only proof of the visitor’s explicit acceptance of receiving your communications.

Important: This process is not a guarantee that your site will not be accused of SPAM, but it is a way to protect yourself against it and to demonstrate good faith and transparency.


If there is a complaint of SPAM practice by a JMV Technology Eirelli EPP customer, if there is no possibility of immediate deactivation of the site, JMV Technology Eirelli EPP reserves the right to demand, for the maintenance of the service provision, that the website accused of this practice MANDATORY use the technical resource of “Active Registration Confirmation”. In addition, depending solely on the subjective analysis of JMV Technology Eirelli EPP, the case may be considered serious and the e-mail list used by the website may be disabled, in order to ensure that the website does not continue to send potentially unwanted messages to certain addresses.